Better your training, nutrition + mindset through 8 weeks of 1:1 coaching and self-development

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This highly successful program provides 100% personalised nutrition and coaching, with your choice of training (eBook guide or custom program), custom macro targets, education on Flexible Dieting and more!


You’ll receive all the tools you need to achieve your health, fitness, body composition and mindset goals, including a series of self-development tasks to work on goal setting, improve your relationship with food, manage stress, maximise your training performance, and improve your overall lifestyle for a truly holistic approach.

On top of this, you will receive one on one coaching, including weekly progress check ins to assess results and keep you accountable, support in between check ins, a private support forum with the #samirosefitness community, plus training tutorials for every exercise, and an educational video library full of amazing content!

If you have been thinking about achieving your goals for way too long, but don’t know where to start or find it sooo hard to stick with it long enough to see results, I’ve got you girl! Apply now and let’s chat through your goals to see how I can help you be your happiest, healthiest, and most confident self ASAP!

Some of my clients amazing 8-Week transformations!